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Wonderful helpful owners. Rick Steves: Tuscany for beginners. The rustic farmhouse called Cretaiole perches on a ridge overlooking postcard Tuscan farmlands, less than a 10-minute drive outside of Pienza. About Rick; Explore Europe; Our Tours; Travel Tips; Watch, Read, Listen; Travel Forum. New to the forum? Have a wonderful trip. 1. Travel Forum / Italy / Tuscany; Please sign in to post. We found that dinners out were so cheap, and fantastic, that we could not pass them up. Smaller text Larger text. Monday Night Travel. 1) Rent a car. Paperback $16.79 $ 16. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy, http://www.slowtrav.com/italy/tuscany/hs_planning.htm, http://www.slowtrav.com/italy/road_signs/index.htm, http://www.ballofdirt.com/entries/8228/163992.html. If you rent a car in Florence, do so from the airport to avoid driving into or around the city center. Retrouvez Rick Steves' Florence and Tuscany 2009 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Check Trenitalia website to see train routes. Get help planning your trip. Travel Forum / Italy / TUSCANY; Please sign in to post. This will help me as I plan our trip. Wow! 2) Rent/buy a GPS (and Italian maps that are compatible w/ GPS). Jump to bottom. 99 $23.99 $23.99. In Chianti there was a wonderful!osteria right down the road. Definitely get the Garmin with European maps. I spent under $50 for an Italian map set card and it worked with excellence. The GPS will sometimes try to take you on routes that aren't the way you really want to go. Noté /5. Shop Rick's Travel Store. Don't venture into these zones or you will be heavily fined, especially in Florence. It proved to be in an excellent location to explore the area; it was only about 2 miles from the freeway, but out in the country just the same. Get started! Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. The place was out in the countryside, located in a beautiful area. Also, do some research for holidays during the time you're going. It can easily be returned in Siena (Avis) if you only need it for a short time. Tuscany. TUSCANY. Eight months later, our world remains upside-down. Make sure you get a small car like a Fiat Panda (we got a great rate from Hertz and it made checking in for the car a piece of cake because we reserved stateside prior to our trip). Posted by James (Florida) on 03/25/11 05:37 PM. Join our lively community of travelers who exchange advice, tips and experiences. You can look at the map and add a "way point" on your GPS route to keep you going in the right direction. How do I get to Tuscany and what are the best ways to travel in Italy? Tuscany offers a dolce vita mix of hearty cuisine, fascinating history, and gentle beauty. Thanks again. JP, I prefer Garmin products. Be sure to buy a Michelen print map to take with you! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . They are all a little different and kind of specialize in different things. Driving is easy in Tuscany. Ask a question or share advice. Getting lost is fun (if you're going to get lost in Italy) but the road signs are confusing and frustrating. My inspiration for this piece is the arrival of our just-announced Best of Tuscany in 12 Days Tour , which weaves together, in some form or another, virtually all of the experiences I’ve described here. In the video here on the right, Rick Steves describes Tuscany with fondness, showing us beautiful images of the Siena and Florence countryside. Once out of the cityscape and off the autostrada, you will truly enjoy driving the Italian countryside. … This topic has been automatically closed due to a period of inactivity. Both had great owners who would spend as much time as you wanted providing tips on what to see, where to eat, etc. I would also go to the slowtrav site (http://www.slowtrav.com/italy/road_signs/index.htm) and gather/print (in color) all the road signs and rules into a handy reference guide. Both places were central locations that we used as bases to explore the surrounding hill towns and places of interest. Noté /5. Feel free to browse to post questions and answers. When he's not guiding Rick's tours, Francesco, along with his wife, Annie, offers virtual wine tastings, Italian language lessons, and trip-planning services. Jump to bottom. Retrouvez DEL-Rick Steves' Florence and Tuscany 2005 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Extensive coverage of Florence's many museums, down to individual pieces and gallery layouts. In this travel class, Rick Steves describes Italy's Tuscany and Umbria — adjoining regions famous for their scenery, food, wine, and fine cities and hill towns (including Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, San Gimignano, Orvieto, Civita, and Assisi). A Garmin Nuvii that will accept an SD card will be your best friend. We use their web site, and then book and pay for our car here. Wedged between Florence and Rome, rural Tuscany offers the quintessential Italian experience: sun-soaked hill … Achetez neuf ou d'occasion I just picked up the 2017 edition of the Rick Steves book on Amazon for $10. Get Started; Community Guidelines; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. In case you missed something, here are 8 great ideas for your upcoming visit to Tuscany. Adding gas and tolls, total cost for the car was about $350. Tuscany - Rick Steves Travel Forum Going to spend a week in Tuscany in mid March and would like to stay in one location. My friends and I are renting a villa in Tuscany (near Siena)for 1 month in July. 3) Visit the named Agri's. I don't recommend driving at night though, as the Italians are very creative drivers. Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany (Rick Steves Travel Guide) Part of: Rick Steves Travel Guide(32 Books) | by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw | Dec 3, 2019. They now require reservations and they are typically sold out for same day and next day, so make sure you get your reservations when you arrive. Rick Steves Pienza « Previous Entry. You have just been given some excellent advice by a lot of great people! Travel Forum / Italy / Tuscany; Please sign in to post. However, visiting Tuscany and Umbria is best done by car. Home / Blog; Posted on November 23, 2016 by . We were rather suspicious about the accuracy of this as the Italians went zooming by while we were going the speed limit. Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pienza April 23rd 2016. My wife wants to stay at Agroturismo's, visit farmers markets, cute villages, eat, drink wine, ride bikes, walk, and enjoy the Tuscan landscape. Retrouvez Rick Steves' Florence and Tuscany 2012 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Get Started; Community Guidelines; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. I stayed in Montalcino, but somewhere in the Siena area would be more central for exploring Tuscany and provides for shorter day-trip drives. For all of the details on everything described here, check out our Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany guidebook. Destination Q&A . Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Italy / TUSCANY; Please sign in to post. It was fantatic. We've been contemplating renting a car, but won't need it for the whole month. 8 Things to Do in Tuscany in 2016 . Sagras are a local festival that lots of towns have. we could split the time up - 2 days each place. Find everything you need for packing — and planning your dream trip to Europe. where would you suggest we stay? These detailed maps will be very helpful in navigating to parking areas. I would add one more thing. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion I will Frallarenza) was just outside of Orvieto, and we used it as a base to explore the area for four days. tuscany - Rick Steves Travel Forum we are driving from milan to cinque terre, then to lucca, then to florence. Noté /5. We are on a tight budget and we like rustic! there are some bus services but with a month and more than 1 person a car is a must. (Note; you pay many more $$$ if you pick up a car at an airport, but nothing extra if you drop your car off at an airport). Forum; Photos. We wanted to limit car rental but not totally against it. He has never steered me wrong on accommodations. What is the easiest way to get from the Florence airport to a small Tuscan town? Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Get a small car so parking will be easier. Learn about Rick Steves' small-group tours with more than 40 great itineraries for 2021! The best price they offered this time was with Hertz, but I paid a little more and used their second choice; Europecar. Only two self-contained apts. Rick Steves. Visit the slowtrav site, check out these directions (http://www.ballofdirt.com/entries/8228/163992.html) to Saturnia, or google Saturnia hot springs. I have done it and was very glad I did. Renting a car is your best option to get to affordable agriturismos, small towns and wineries. Tuscany. Thanksgiving in Tuscany: A Treasured Travel Memory. Smaller text Larger text. If you do rent a car in Italy, DO buy a GPS with European Maps. Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Posted on July 31, 2019 August 7, 2019 by Cameron Hewitt. We're hoping to travel by train mostly. By Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw. Noté /5. Very rustic, but they had a pool. We only had three weeks and wanted to visit the smaller towns, so we rented a car. Our next stop was in the Chianti area, and the self contained apt was wonderful at the Agri Borgo Sichelle. You should check it out. Answer 1 of 4: We are liking the basic concept of the itineray laid out by Rick Steves: Rome 3 nights Sorrento 3 nights then heading to/through Tuscany. Maybe 10 kilometers from Orvieto, so we dined there each nite. Written in typical Rick Steves style, which I appreciate as offering practical day-to-day tips (for example, how to avoid ticket lines at major attractions), and a straightforward approach on what is a "must-see" versus what is over-hyped. Welcome to the Rick Steves Travel Forum for Europe and beyond! JP - Tuscany is a big, rural area. Noté /5. The time he recommends that each of his tours take seems rather short to me, eg. Any suggestions? Choose a message board from the menus below or see the latest from All Topics. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. We just got back last week. Next Entry » Italy and the British Isles. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Italy / Tuscany; Please sign in to post. I did a weekly rental through Autoeurope last May, and it was under $250. Posted by Debra (Tampa, FL, USA) on 03/25/07 03:44 PM. Public transportation is limited, but available on certain routes. Thank you ALL for your advice! How to choose? Achetez neuf ou d'occasion 79 $23.99 $23.99. For people staying more than three weeks a lease is usally a better deal than a rental, plus you get a new car. Train service is minimal in and thru Tuscany. Photo: Cameron Hewitt. My Account. There is also a 30-day trial program you can download that will ding dong the heck out of your ears warning you about the traffico controller cameras. Both agris were self-contined, giving us the option to dine in or out. Picked up at Rome airport and dropped off at Florence airport. We simply enjoyed the freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted and the confidence that it was accurately guiding us. Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Posted on February 8, 2016 January 4, 2018 by Cameron Hewitt. We used this continuously when we came across a puzzling sign. We flew into Rome and picked up our car at the airport, and headed North. For only $65 EU/nite we had an apt overlooking the pool and with a view to die for. Smaller text Larger text. This topic has been automatically closed due to a period of inactivity. I have EyeWitness Rome, Lonely Planet Italy and Insight Guides Italy. In Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany you'll find in-depth Rick-tested information on:. AND, I would print out detailed city maps for the smaller towns from Google or Mapquest to also use as references. Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Posted on July 31, 2019 August 7, 2019 by Cameron Hewitt. As we anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving, my fellow guidebook writer Cameron Hewitt shares a beautiful travelers’ holiday message on his blog. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy. Learn to use it before you go. we have four days before we return to car to rome. The Roman amphitheater at Volterra is quite a find. Try a search if people don't post argiturismo suggestions, as that topic has come up several times in the past. Easy-to-follow maps (including color maps of Tuscany, central Florence, and greater Florence) Trip planning: When to go, pre-trip checklist, festivals and holidays, recommended books and movies My friends and I are renting a villa in Tuscany (near Siena)for 1 month in July. Answer 1 of 10: I am relying on the Rick Steves travel guide to set up an itinerary for a trip to Florence this March. Retrouvez Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. I was Italy in April and Tuscany is very difficult to navigate (several Italians agreed with me on this point). I suggest you rent a car. Let me echo Scott & Frank. And it’s becoming clear that nobody will (or should) be going anywhere this winter. Noté /5. Experience Tuscany: Visit Off-Season — and Have the Place to Yourself. To help you get started, we've listed our top picks for where to go in Tuscany, and our plan for your best two-week trip. There are scads of posts about the infamous ZTL (zona traffico limitato) in Florence and the fines that can be racked up there. On our Best of Tuscany in 12 Days tour — among other things — you'll need to happily… Carry/roll your luggage over uneven pavement (possibly several blocks) and up stairways to reach your hotel, then up several flights of stairs to reach your room. Or…let someone else do all that planning. Our spacious well equiped one bedroom apt only cost $75 EU/nite. We spent one week in Tuscany/Umbria, and absolutely loved it. Debra, if you know you can get the train from where you are staying you can at least visit the main cities, but the smaller town would probably require taking the bus and you could spend a lot of time waiting. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Our favorite restaurant in Orvoieto was La Palombo. Retrouvez Rick Steves' Florence and Tuscany 2008 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Roads are easy to navigate. Take a cooking class — … I’ve just wrapped up a blog series on my Tuscan Thanksgiving. Start planning your trip to Italy! Smaller text Larger text. Africa; Antarctica; Asia; C. America & Caribbean; Europe; Middle East; N. America; Oceania; Oceans & Seas; S. America . Get it as soon as Wed, Feb 5. If any of you any have other valuable recommendations, please send them my way. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. So much to see, so little time. We just got back and spent two weeks driving throughout Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience. We usually use Auto Europe, an rental broker in the US, to find the best price. Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Posted on July 31, 2019 August 7, 2019 by Cameron Hewitt. Rick Steves writes terrific European guide books, especially if you are on a budget and like to do nerdly things, like visiting small and odd museums. My Account. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. Join Rick and his team of travel-savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we explore Europe (and beyond) together. Advertisement. Experience Tuscany: Lick Artisanal Gelato. Our first Agri (Agri. As a lead guide with Rick Steves' Europe, Francesco shows travelers the joys of his homeland on several of our Italy tours, including (naturally) the Best of Tuscany tour. I stay away from Hertz because they automatically charge any fines you may incur to your credit card (don't drive in Siena or Florence or you will loose many $$$$$ in ZTL traffic zone tickets!). It would have been impossible to do without the rental car. More Buying Choices $12.80 (37 used & new offers) Kindle $16.99 $ 16. But found a few errors that we wanted to mention to help other travelers in Florence: - The Firenze card does not allow you to "skip the line" to climb the Dome. Amazing gelato abounds in Italy — and Tuscany is no exception. Be sure to take or rent a GPS, which will make navigating in rural Tuscany much easier. What is the easiest way to get from the Florence airport to a small Tuscan town? A Memorable Thanksgiving in Tuscany. Also, you might add hot springs to your list of things to do. I am planning a trip to Tuscany for our 7th wedding anniversary. Got us from Florence to Siena, to Montelcino, to Lucca, to La Spezia, to Pisa and back to Florence. Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Posted on November 25, 2020 by Cameron Hewitt. About Rick; Explore Europe; Our Tours; Travel Tips; Watch, Read, Listen; Travel Forum. Buon viaggio! Posted by JP (Salem) on 06/12/10 05:17 PM. Travel Blog » Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pienza » Blogs » Rick Steves Pienza. Retrouvez Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany 2017 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Just be aware that many, if not all, of the historic hill towns will have restricted traffic zones which help to reduce traffic in their historic centers. Tuscany is marvelous in all seasons. There are some incredible knock-your-socks-off free hot springs in Saturnia. I am well traveled but, not in Italy. Uffizi tour 2 hours, Medici Chapels tour 1 hour. If staying at an agriturismo, a car is a must. Also, I suggest adding your routes in as "favorites" before you go. See http://www.slowtrav.com/italy/tuscany/hs_planning.htm. Jump to bottom. Smaller text Larger text. Practicalities. Experience Tuscany: Sleep (and Eat) at an Agriturismo. We relied heavily on Rick Steves 2017 guidebook for our planning, and it was a lifesaver. Just to repeat what others are saying: 1) rent a car and 2) get at a minimum a good detailed map- but you really should get a GPS if possible. Smaller text Larger text. Rick Steves at the Siena’s Palio: an experience not to be missed. We had a great time driving to Montelcino, routed back through Volterra and on to Lucca. First 2 weeks in October is a fabulous (free) chestnut and jazz festival in Soriano nel Cimino near Viterbo. We've been contemplating renting a car, but won't need it for the whole month. We were thinking Lucca so we would have access to transportation (trains) to visit Tuscany. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe.
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