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T.W. Crossen was born and raised in South Central Ontario-Canada, but that is only where his story begins. Terry was raised in a blue collar, middle class family with 3 siblings. His musical interest began in 7th grade with his first instrument, the clarinet. Terry played in concert and marching bands throughout high school years and began an interest in story telling that was encouraged by his high school English teacher. His interest in telling stories transposed itself within his musical talents and Terry taught himself how to play the guitar so that he could set his stories to music.

After completing school, Terry began a law enforcement career, while continuing to create stories through music. Terry’s years in law enforcement exposed him to the struggles and challenges for victims of violent crimes. His compassion poured itself into the songs he creates and he began to write and perform for Victims Rights groups in Florida and Ontario to raise public awareness on issues such as child abuse and human trafficking. Although never his intention to be a sole voice for victims, Terry has begun to value the key role he can play in bringing support to these social issues and impact change.

Terry’s work with these groups opened up a door to his ability to write songs that told the stories of others struggles, joys, loves lost and loves gained. He has an ability to step into their souls and tell their stories in a unique and passionate way that grabs you by the heart. Of course, there is the usual drinking song that makes you smile, laugh and tap your feet to the rhythm of his acoustic guitar and catching lyrics.

Inspirations come to Terry everyday whether he expects it or not, that is what is so powerful about his music. Pictures, conversations, moments between strangers, friends and loved ones and just his plain ole imagination inspire the soul catching songs he creates.

Thanks to the digital world and social media, Terry has created a fan base that spans both sides of the border between the U.S. and Canada. Count yourself one of the lucky ones if you have had a moment of time to hear one of his songs that tells your story.