Loss, suspected loss, or disclosure of data through technical or behavioral means (hacking, malware, phishing, inadvertent unauthorized disclosure over the phone, email, or in person, etc. The electronic account policy defines criteria for granting and revoking access (through a login) to various information resources at CCS, which are provided as a means of promoting communications and supporting academic and administrative processes and workflows. In some cases, unauthorized disclosure or loss of this data would require the College to notify the affected individual and state or federal authorities. For Internal documents with sensitive content, shred materials before disposing of them. The school was founded in 1896 by William Merritt Chase in search of individualistic artistic expression. For additional information, call the Financial Aid Office at (313) 664-7496. The requirements for each Internal Data, Confidential Data, & Restricted Use Data are detailed below. Disclosure of student information under FERPA is limited to what is termed “directory information,” that is, information contained in education records that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed, unless the student expressly grants permission in writing. Create hard to guess passwords (minimum 8 characters, mixed case, include a number or special character). Complainants wishing to file a criminal report with the Wayne State or Detroit Police Departments may request assistance with initial procedures from CCS Campus Safety. ITAR and EAR have additional requirements. Outside the College, paper should be sent via certified mail or with an authorized courier. CCS, located in midtown Detroit, strives to provide students with the tools needed for successful careers in the dynamic and growing creative … If you have questions, please contact a member of the Committee. Cloud services may not be used to process or store. For example, when a file is downloaded or copied from a file server to a laptop computer for use offline, it is stored in that new location and all of the storing requirements must be followed. JOIN A MEETING; HOST A MEETING . Should a member of the CCS community observe or suspect criminal or suspicious activity, we ask that this information be promptly reported to Campus Safety office located on the first floor of the Taubman Center or the first floor of the Kresge Ford Building on the Ford Campus. They inform all parties of the nature and/or limits of confidentiality. Credit card or personal payment information is never downloaded onto any portable devices including, but not limited to USB flash drives or laptop computers. Secure physical location of any breach to avoid further loss. CCS ensures the privacy of student information in academic departments and within the classroom through the following measures: The Office of Admissions obtains and collects a variety of different information for prospective College students through a variety of stages and in different formats. 2018 - 2022. Please call Campus Safety if you would like an escort. The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of College for Creative Studies (CCS) are $45,815 for their students and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $49,655. Should be stored in physically secure areas that are accessible only by authorized individuals. Collection of some types of Confidential data about individuals may require the approval of the appropriate Data Owner(s). College for Creative Studies (CCS) recognizes that in certain instances it must collect, store and use sensitive information relating to its students, employees and individuals associated with the College. Hard copy records are maintained in locked cabinets within relevant staff member offices (Director of Residence Life and Dean of Students). Adhere to policies, guidelines and procedures pertaining to the protection of information assets. Thank you for registering! Full-time faculty will receive an electronic account upon hire and will keep it during the term of employment. Prompt reporting is important as it facilitates immediate investigation and the preservation of evidence. Information covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which requires protection of records for current and former students. Faculty submit midterm and final grades, along with attendance, through a password protected information system, WebAdvisor. Exception: upon request, you may disclose to ITS staff directly engaged in the performance of their legitimate duties. College for Creative Studies. The Office of Academic Affairs handles confidential items, such as student complaints, in a shared drive that requires login to a secure network accessible to authorized staff in the office. The International Student Services Office (ISSO) ... formal letter requests, income tax information, social security numbers, Michigan driver’s license resources, and F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visa employment authorization. Changes to those records are made only by authorized personnel. Records related to financial obligations, billing, and payment information for damages to residence hall rooms and facilities. Share with vendors/third-parties as approved by department head. Creative Studies. While it may be necessary to protect original (source) documents from unauthorized modification, Public data may be shared with a broad audience both within and outside the College community and no steps need be taken to prevent its distribution. Consider alternatives to faxing, Smart Phones and tablet devices (such as iPads), The use of smart phones to access Confidential data, such as through email, puts that data at higher risk of unintended disclosure Individuals accessing Confidential Data via such a device must comply with the standards set forth in End User Device Minimum Standards. Academic Affairs always verifies that a completed, signed Authorization form is on file in the Academic Advising and Registration Office prior to disclosing any information about a student beyond directory information. Welcome. ITS Director and/or Assistant Director will notify the members of the Privacy and Security Committee describing the nature of the incident and response. The overall cost for on-campus students to attend College for Creative Studies in 2019 - 2020 was $58,409. Your NEXT STEPS & First Semester Resources are below. Access to some Confidential data requires, Printers often store the printed document on a local hard drive, potentially allowing unauthorized access to the information. Individuals working with the following types of data must follow the College policies governing those types of data and consult with the Director of Information Technology Services to ensure they meet all of the requirements of their data type: Some data may be subject to specific protection requirements under a contract or grant, or according to a law or regulation not described here. College for Creative Studies | 19,262 followers on LinkedIn. Training agendas include a component on information security. College for Creative Studies: THE BEST - See 25 traveler reviews, 10 candid photos, and great deals for Detroit, MI, at Tripadvisor. Encryption of stored data is recommended. Of the 1,485 students at College for Creative Studies, 9.36% (139) took at least one class online. Provide a framework for comprehensive stewardship of sensitive information; Increase awareness of the confidential nature of sensitive information; Eliminate unnecessary collection and use of sensitive information; Protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of sensitive information; and. In addition to being a school for higher learning, the College for Creative Studies has a small but interesting sculpture garden named for Josephine Ford. Get financial aid award estimates, how to apply for aid, average student loans student have after graduating. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Mark with “For intended recipient only”. Video courtesy of The Ohio State University. Within Michigan, College for Creative Studies is Ranked High for Quality at a Comparatively Expensive Price. high school and/or college transcripts of prospective students. Media should be erased or destroyed as soon as it is no longer needed. College for Creative Studies (CCS) takes the security of our students’ personal information over the Internet very seriously. In addition there are more than 30 intercom/elevator emergency call buttons shared between both sites. Search, discover and share your favorite College For Creative Studies GIFs. Restricted Use data includes any information that CCS has a contractual, legal, or regulatory obligation to safeguard in the most stringent manner. Students and professors at CCS are passionate about all types of art and are willing to expand their talent and knowledge for there future careers. For additional information, please contact the Dean of Students at(313) 664-7675. Address to the specific intended party and send in sealed security envelopes. CCS ITS is authorized to grant exceptions to the requirements set forth in this document. The student has not attended CCS for four consecutive non-summer terms (i.e. Contact Information Technology Service for secure destruction of all physical electronic media. However, doing so will help better prepare you for the financial commitment you are making. 3.98 Average Rating. Avoid printing. Breakdown of College Costs for Freshmen. The campus is monitored by more than 250 closed-circuit cameras located throughout the Ford and Taubman locations. Refer any/all media inquiries to: Marcus Popiolek, Director of Marketing and Communications at 313-664-7665. In those circumstances, the most restrictive protection requirements should apply. Secure login to the classroom management system, Blackboard. CCS Data Owners are as follows: The role of the data owners is to provide direct authority and control over the management and use of specific information. CCS Campus Safety and Security At College for Creative Studies, total 24 criminal actions are reported last year : 0 disciplinary actions, 3 criminal offenses. An account is considered inactive if any of the following are true: Continuing education/PCS students will have electronic accounts active during their time of enrollment. CCS encourages all members of the College community to engage in accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to Campus Security and the appropriate law enforcement agencies, when the victim of the crime elects not to, or is unable to, make such a report. Yes. Commuter students are required to remove their vehicles from the deck by 11 p.m. or sign in with the Campus Safety Office during extended hours or as a resident guest. The types of data that are collected include, but are not limited to: All student records that are stored within the Office of Admissions are covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and those guidelines establish release of student information. The Program Coordinator, along with the Privacy and Security Committee, will evaluate the effectiveness of the College’s procedures and practices relating to access to and use of student records, including financial aid information. Both lines are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All students are encouraged to disclose disabilities that they feel may affect their academic success. Hard copy – A minimum number of hard copy documents are maintained within the office until the student is enrolled at CCS, at which time the records are moved to the Academic Advising and Registration Office. College for Creative Studies Is Regionally Accredited. Your NEXT STEPS & First Semester Resources are below. The College’s Director of Information Technology Services is designated as the Information Security Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator may consult with the Committee and charge the Committee with responsibilities concerning the administration and review of this policy. Never leave an unlocked device logged in and unattended. New Students – Academic Advising and Registration: Next Steps. Browse College For Creative Studies annual salaries by job title. If ongoing loss is suspected, do the minimal possible to stop it (e.g. Assess need for forensic evidence (logs, packet traces, etc.). Academic Calendar; Academic Directory; Building Hours For information on how to properly wipe the drive, contact Information Technology Services. Welcome to the College for Creative Studies Library Home Page To search the library catalog go to: http://www.lib.collegeforcreativestudies.edu/ comment. College for Creative Studies Online Application. All hard copy documentation that is considered for disposal is shredded using a third party shredder company. Public (non-sensitive) information does not require any level of protection from disclosure but appropriate precautions should be taken to protect original (source) documents from unauthorized modification. The Business Services Office is in a secure, locked environment with video surveillance. Controlled Unclassified Information required to be compliant with NIST 800.171. This evaluation will include assessing the effectiveness of the College’s current policies and procedures in this area, including all handbooks (staff, faculty, and student), the CCS Policy Database and other student record policies).

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