This standard is used to grade all nonsupervisory jobs involved in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of combustion-powered automotive vehicles, over-the-road trucks, and comparable vehicles, such as passenger cars, pickup trucks, buses, semitrailer truck tractors, warehouse tractors, farm tractors, forklifts, motorcycles, light … They may also be referred to as a service tech, auto mechanic, auto technician, automobile technician, or service technician. • Inspected various vehicles imported from Europe. �mʃ���z��`�AC�Odv��Y ��ü�L���"�A p-�[� �3�Av�c��w�K�`�[`$@�QLA�+��5�r.q��DL��+�ҫK �ax��ǻ��?���؃9WJ�Tx��oh��`LG��GW�~��w���j��f��I�ؑ�ļL�{L蔇��ޘ ��C�#�Wru��,�nƂfC� ?�ѕ�}!�%&� } ��Wcb_ EL�,I+/9��X�QDұ���O�UX��>1� "��#��O�o��5�z�`�w_�l� h!��ھ�Rl�0��zc�]�(�_y �-��6�@&�t>�#�\�u~"��^a�c�T��%�椴��� :E�x�}�M2[��[�(�uO;5L�.� �>��J��@Y4_YF���(�`&�������[�uT��eT�2��๾��ie�qjij�������E�x���xq����H�:Q�R���)�'_�De}\��Z`�cB"� Diagnose vehicles based on observational and mechanical testing as well as information provided by the customer. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Auto Mechanic Job Description Template We are searching for an analytical, enthusiastic Auto Mechanic to help our clients resolve issues with vehicle performance and appearance. stream Automobile Technician / Mechanic Job Purpose: Maintains service operations by inspecting and maintaining vehicles. Our mailing address is AGCO Automotive Corporation, 11410 Coursey <> �/���Tܔ�O����Z��G4����7³,/JI/�$g�N���� ����nϞ�!����\�S��}J��w̃ Post the job description to these sites when you're done. 4 0 obj What Does an Automotive Service Manager Do? Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties requested by their supervisor. When writing an automobile mechanic job description, you need to spend time on the job responsibilities section, which is highly important because it helps jobseekers learn the details of expectations and daily tasks. Auto Mechanic JOB PURPOSE: Maintains fleet of vehicles to include automobiles, trucks and various other types of powered equipment. You will be responsible for ensuring functionality and reliability of machines, engines and mechanical systems. �0�5����^+��^�� K8��[s��U sDgP��=��B��v+�h*?fyUq�j�{���. An automotive service technician uses computer diagnostic equipment to identify problems on vehicles and then use experience, charts and technical manuals to create a repair plan. %��������� Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements. Applicants must be able to test parts […] Work on projects assigned, follow established procedures. If it is an entry-level or apprentice job then that is fine if they have less but good tools are expensive and a good mechanic needs a lot of tools to be able to do a variety of repairs. � O���T4��6vIa� Other duties of the automotive service technician include inspecting vehicles, performing routine service and keeping records of work done. Including requirements, responsibilities, statistics, industries, similar jobs and job openings for Automotive Mechanic I. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> A mechanic is responsible for the maintenance, inspection and repair of vehicles and machinery. Also, the master technician provides leadership and direction to other members of the service department. You will also answer customer questions, inform customers about shop products and services, and adhere to vehicle safety protocols. Think about the time you couldn’t start your car. Asst. g4:Y����̤�#Q�@]&A�D�e�`_��FI�C0 �0��$1Ё�. Automobile Technician Mechanic Job Duties: Keeps equipment available for use by inspecting and testing vehicles; completing preventive maintenance such as, engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotation and changes, wheel balancing, replacing filters. Automotive mechanics repair cars and light trucks, and they perform maintenance work on vehicles to keep them road-worthy and to avert major repair bills for customers down the road. Day-to-day duties expected of automotive service technicians HEAD MECHANIC Job Description: Support Staff Adopted 04.05.79; 04.10.90; 07.09 PAY SCALE: Mechanic, plus 10% of base QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate, demonstrated competence in auto mechanics, five years’ Master Technician Job Description 1 | P a g e Job Description – Master Technician SUMMARY Act as a consultant for diagnostic work, vehicle repairs, and procedures. endobj The Auto Technician must have seemed like a godsend. A mechanic can not do their job without tools and you shouldn’t hire anyone unless they have a bare minimum of $10,000 in tools. In this role, you will inspect and repair vehicles and make recommendations for automotive repairs and maintenance. Equivalent military or job experience in the given field may be considered 2+ years’ experience in a job related area Proficient computer skills e.g., MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SharePoint, and Outlook Auto Mechanic Job Summary. JOB TITLE: Automotive Body Technician JOB DESCRIPTION A body repair technician is able to repair vehicle bodies and straighten vehicle frames. They may also work for vehicle fleet operators that have their own servicing and repair garages. This training can also include work on particular types of cars such as European, American, Japanese, or performance vehicles. Automobile Mechanic Job Responsibilities. Perform routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups. An excellent mechanic must have manual dexterity and great attention to detail. Their job description entails supervising automotive personnel and technicians to ensure their services meet the standards of quality set by a company in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Duties; Carrying out repairs and replacing damaged parts. �דQLP�Ze,��?Q�s��Q3�'.0��(�p�KaBU�%�aa+�!�Uz�[vQ��1�����V,�^��gbt�2�(DX�x�B&�W�aHD%�r�_������V�1/[ʎ{��#B�Y����DOe�F���$��'m� • Lubricated engines of mobile and racing cars. Automotive service technicians maintain, repair, and inspect cars, light trucks, and other vehicles. Sometimes called service technicians, they held approximately 759,900 jobs in 2016. If you want to employ the best auto mechanic available, you need to put together a good job description highlighting all the skills and competencies that you require from the applicants. Greet customers when they arrive and take a detailed history of vehicle performance or mechanical failure. WORK COVERED. Job Description of an Automotive Maintenance Mechanic. Automotive service managers are in charge of coordinating the activities of an auto shop repair department to ensure efficient operations. Mechanic Job Description Job Title: Mechanic Reports to: Shop Foreman/Director of Transportation Dept./School: Transportation Primary Purpose: Perform minor mechanical repairs to ensure proper performance and safety of district vehicles. Auto Mechanic Job Description Example. the mechanics in the performance of mechanical repairs as required. and deliver auto/bus parts, supplies and vehicles. We are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable automotive technician. �=����E�ӑ6��\+|��!�9�,��u�T�t�Kk��!5� &��Д F�[;�$K�Fи�� �Aص�;(`�O-Ӱ#�Y���V�^@P,�ف���#�ޠ�fO�}kuK��w��Zb�����* �[�Q��otͼ*�z�k�#V����b���57�X�9��B�p@0P��Y�L��iSFU�Tb�8䉲�����y��*NP�5��H���0�$:�[�vE���L�6�\H���Q�$ �&�#^B�б5sŝ[��5c�a�8X܈�s"T�Eu2�H�y�:-��́ You will be responsible for inspecting customer vehicles, diagnosing problems with the engine or other systems, perform routine maintenance, and complete necessary repairs. Please print a copy and bring it by or mail. Associate degree in an automotive field, or ASE/State Master Mechanic Certification preferred. endobj minor vehicle damage; replace broken windows; touch up minor scrapes and dents; clean, sew, repair upholstery. • Recommended appropriate repair works. Automotive service technicians and mechanics typically do the following: Identify problems, often by using computerized diagnostic equipment Plan work procedures, using charts, technical manuals, and experience Test parts and systems to ensure that they work properly They typically work at indoor garages and aspects of the role can often be physically demanding. They are often referred to as a mechanic. �C;�f$����G�W����b1�^I�~�TDN��O`����! TECHNICIANS APPLICATION Date: _____ This application is intended for your convenience. %PDF-1.3 qo��3���aT�oF����v��� /��{��7N1�}tZ���[�G ��K,�q�����֏9���6�Ư�g�������|2����d��Wg)�v�g�|�к�c^����(�Q/�*�49�0Lu�t~�@�5��Wi����L��q�dy&��32�,{.����85�W Use this professional created Automotive Service Technician job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description. x�Z�v����+j ���x?fV��d4��qD�,r��DK�� z������{� � |Ʊl݅�[Ϯ��F>JRKKQ�Re�t��'YɋWω�?KGM���)�|��� /��D�$�x�Kxq&Q2n~?��I�� �����ς���;�`�3ߘEr&����r��e,�㨪�r>c��[�b��Q�Vy��ƃ���Z%.�(�U�**%���_5���FPh���ɚ����4Ȝ�e>���T�h��$�#�S���&�)?EYE�j�鑌�"�v�ȃ*�\��P�:��� ~S*�V��L��6d � ������J-� * Repair About a third of these workers were employed by auto dealerships. The Auto Mechanic will speak to clients about the performance and history of their vehicles, inspect mechanical and electronic components, diagnose issues, and discuss possible resolutions with clients. Testing motor vehicles and equipment. Position Description Job Title: Lead Mechanic Department: Utility Services Reports To: Transportation Superintendent FLSA Status: Non-Exempt (Hourly) Date Issued/Revised: General Summary The lead mechanic position is responsible to trouble shoot, repair and perform preventative maintenance on all types of vehicles/equipment and hand tools * Pick up. endobj 2 0 obj Job description for Mechanic Technician II. Job description for Automotive Mechanic I. Automotive Technician Job Summary. Emphasize any professional training that you've obtained that pertains to the job, such as trade schools, certifications, licenses. JOB DESCRIPTION The Mechanic Shop Technician diagnoses and repairs cars or light trucks. 5. %���� * Repair. Mechanics require a high level of automotive and mechanical knowledge in order to diagnose, fix or replace parts of a … Qualifications: Education/Certification: AUTO MECHANIC – January 2010 – present Employers name – Coventry Responsible for performing all assigned vehicle repair and maintenance work in accordance with dealership and factory standards. Auto Mechanic, 2007 – Present CARS 2 GO, Helena, MT Responsibilities: • Ensured prompt and quality delivery of services. x��Z[o�8~���GHhQu�)�I��t�,桘�V⴩�Zv;��{.�$ڦ"a�E�X����s�΅^�����N�z�x��e�M���e����W�/>f�OE�{*��+���Z��?? CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs repairs and maintenance procedures; diagnose, test, adjust, and … �}gU~���(�s�|y��,����x��ܬK�~�5�s���n���F����K��9�a�ګƟ�$�4�4���XK�F�ԕ���`����i��� �V蜄n�~g��٪�s���ꢠ�G�M{���0�qɺk�l��`M�F˝��b@��"��'hS�o�d�א�q�r����'��@t���e0�L���,���ۄY����V �x1�{'m�/y���HJ-e�Hi�Az����� ~nz�|{���������ӂ� Auto Mechanic Confer with customers to obtain descriptions of vehicle problems, and to discuss work to be performed and future repair requirements. Examples of Auto Mechanic responsibilities. DMa�Ri��!����O ���Yn� ��b�Ȁ#IsL����E���ȀP�Tr��m;[Y�ꑻ��� ]mh.x`}c%MG�u��=��$���R��vE��VWdy�%E#�`'3ʧYV�M@mT̠�Vw���AVߐ�/(��������ԩA�� �u����6cǍ�?�]�o�8�u0��[V}S�k!�KXx����4�u�պ߭�J��ǃ������st���E Keeps equipment available for use by inspecting and testing vehicles; completing preventive maintenance such as, engine tune-ups, oil changes, … Mechanic Assistant Job Description Mechanic assistants provide support to lead mechanics working in automotive repair shops by directly helping with repair- and maintenance-related tasks. • Provided assistance to other auto mechanics. <>>> This makes it easier for you to sieve out … Auto Mechanic responsibilities include: Inspecting vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately; Inspecting vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade; Conducting routine maintenance work aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity . 4 0 obj JOB DESCRIPTION FOR POSITION: 922-Mechanic’s Helper NOTICE: This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. This diesel technician / mechanic sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Including requirements, responsibilities, statistics, industries, similar jobs and job openings for Mechanic Technician II. Ct k�-���C��n�Ob��� Ol��w�{�4�hiF��$?�yUnw�K=�hG�1W�-J?��t��4Y�W�m�J�)�����\i�ck�9LmT� ���a��!��Ht���PO���d�[fE��;������L��2�/��&�r]+�����{�� �qCㆴI�$���B;-�gp�>-��"4M�����TQʼn��P���GRC��E �=�!Dl��h�-����5�l��W�mU¡�L�)�( -�����'E�aY��}�hN���:0}���[��I�E�>A#9@��7 Y�_NEK#��yb�+�ء8J������dQ���cI�G��L�g�p�q��A.h��E��Nƛ�z~�Q������ݼqybnef���� w��6>�R�e�+Q�P�q���r.Qm[_�� %PDF-1.5 1 0 obj Automotive maintenance mechanics work in the service departments of auto dealerships and in independent service centers and repair shops. Job brief We are looking for a skilled Mechanic to assemble, maintain and repair machinery and vehicles. Automotive Technicians are one of life’s unsung heroes. stream This is the guy responsible for nursing your car back to health. … [�SB�����L ��W/��/���:����f��2����&+���������[ �d[Z�/�O��L8��>lsU�K����#{��) > ��Kq���y�>U ���f��P��������w�HeY"�:�jx];5��N5�B�&��Fi �S��OT)���� t����(��E*�� We are looking for a talented Auto Mechanic to join our growing company. Automotive Mechanic, 5823 TS-57 June 1990. <> 3 0 obj

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