Thanks to AA, I currently I have no return ticket. The chart below shows up to date information regarding non-stop flights from Barbados to New York City. This is my own fault, forgot my clutch on the plane with a few travellers checks left, clutch was later traced but travellers cheques had all been stolen. Drink service was effiicient." Fad to switch last minute. ", Pros: "Decent seats, crew was nice" When we explained how difficult it would be to catch another flight to Denver from NY with it being the weekend, and attempting to get a flight to another airport with higher chances of getting us home, their customer service rep informed us that as long as they 'fulfilled their contract' to get us to NY, it wasn't really their problem how we got home (or couldn't get home) after that. Smell disappears once air is turned on once inflight. Air berlins does not have a counter in any of the airports. ", Pros: "I like the crew, they were very nice all the time" Cons: "not enough room in the small plane", Cons: "I didn't like that airline personnel took it upon themselves to cut off the lock on my checked suitcase, rummaged through my things and left everything a mess. But nada. Please enter a valid e-mail address (Email). Cons: "Crew announcements are too loud! Entertainment is not in-line with competitors. Find cheap tickets to New York from anywhere in Barbados. ", Cons: "More options with first class food", Pros: "they would not let me up grade and there was plenty of room to upgrade" Cons: "Everything. ", Pros: "The flight to New York was not full and I was surprised when the representative automatically upgrades me to an even-more seat, which I found great because at 6-feet tall I had a tough time on the way to England being in the right spaces at the rear of the airplane. ", Pros: "Air Canada New York flight from Toronto delayed for 2.5 hours in a 1..5 hour flight. ", Pros: "prompt, good service and food" My meal was good too!" 3 hour delay to JFK. Question: How long is the flight from Barbados to New York City? ", Pros: "Wonderful and super friendly crew" Low priced flights are most commonly available by purchasing between one and three months in advance. ", Pros: "Customer service." Cons: "More non dairy food obtions", Cons: "There was a 3 hour flight delay in JFK but to be honest there is a lot to do in the airport and Nice bars and shops next to the gate so I was occupied. ", Pros: "Beverages were offered twice and I favor the snacks that were offered. There was a passenger in from of me that was getting overheated and nauseous. They then refused to move, forty five mins later security we re called to have them relocated. ", Pros: "Great service and food Friendly staff" The recording said it would be 30 minutes before someone would answer. Regardless of the reasons behind packing your bags and needing to find the cheapest flights from BGI to JFK, we’ve got you covered here at Cons: "Please make WiFi free low speed. ", Cons: "My original flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems and then agent got me in a other flight to Newark which was the last one to NY and then there was a delay of at least 1hr to take off. When I said, " pardon, could you please repeat that", she was very snippy and snapped at me! The average price for connecting flights from Barbados to New York City is $804.. Hour delay leaving, but arrived only half an hour late. Cons: "5 stars all around", Pros: "Amazing crew , very accommodating , and friendly , professional, excellent!" All in all not a great experience, although our actual trip to barbados was wonderful. Find American Airlines flights to Barbados and book your trip! ", Pros: "Everything but not esp food" Cons: "People issuing boarding pass not friendly", Pros: "The flight attendant were attentive and professional in every case. Cheese and fruit! Why, e.g., didn't anyone go along the queue handing out numbers so people could get food then reclaim their place in line? The sears were so cramped that I have a horrible backache. ", Pros: "The male flight attendant was very pleasant." Steward said the plane was having an issue with air quality. They are knowledgeable" Answer: There are 15 direct flights from Barbados to New York City. Cons: "No media device on the plane to provide entertainment and the seats are uncomfortable and tiny. Flights from Barbados to New York La Guardia via Miami Ave. The crew members and the pilots were very informative." FareCompare will use cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with navigation and product selection, analyze your use of our services, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts, and provide deals content from third parties. I find that odd since the Portuguese are such friendly people. Search flexible flights from Barbados to New York. I arrived at my destination more than 12 hours later than my original flight was supposed to arrive, and it was too late to get a refund on ticket for the train I missed and the hotel I couldn't travel to that night.