The route passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017, starting northbound from Campo on May 8. Description: Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Cascade Series - Southern Washington Map 9 Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests Gifford Pinchot National Forest Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area William O Douglas Wilderness Norse Peak Wilderness Mount Adams Wilderness Goat Rocks Wilderness Indian Heaven Wilderness Mount Rainier National … The Pacific Crest Trail map is available as an in-app purchase in our Guthook Guides app, a free download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Shop for Pacific Crest Trail Books and Maps at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Our PCT correspondent finally crosses the border. PACIFIC CREST TRAIL MAP WASHINGTON 500 miles in Washington (2,638 miles total). Just north lies the dramatically rugged Goat Rocks Wilderness and a traverse of the Packwood Glacier. Join us in thanking these generous businesses for their support of the Pacific Crest Trail. If you are using a desktop computer or Garmin GPS, scroll down this page to the .ZIP links.All data… 10 Favorite Pacific Crest Trail Section Hikes and Places. will import this data using the smartphone web browser. The trail traverses popular Alpine Lakes, Henry M. Jackson and Glacier Peak Wildernesses before entering the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, North Cascades National Park and Pasayten Wilderness. Written by accomplished hikers who have each logged over 5,000 trail miles, this book helps you locate the trail and side trips, find water sources, and access resupply routes. Spend up to a week on this 28-mile stretch, which yields more consistent views than the densely forested remainder of the PCT in Oregon. This part of the PCT winds its way through the hot and arid desert where you hit your first significant climbing in the San Jacinto mountains. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Il Pacific Crest Trail è lungo 4.286 km e varia in altitudine da appena sopra il livello del mare al confine tra Oregon e Washington a 4.009 m a Forester Pass nella Sierra Nevada. Also visit the US Forest Service Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail website for more information and maps. They tell me where, I am going, how to get there, side and alternate routes(a huge plus), histories, points of interest and much, much more. From Sequoia National Park, the popular John Muir Trail descends from nearby Mt. Approx Length: 648 miles (0 to 648)Highest Point: 9,030 ft (San Jacinto mountains)Overview and Why it is Awesome: This section starts at the southern terminus of the PCT at the outlying town of Campo, California near the Mexican border. From Chinook Pass, the trail has an easy, rapid run to Interstate 90 at Snoqualmie Pass. Each year, many hikers embark on a journey along the entire length of the trail, while many more utilize it for day hikes or shorter overnight backpacking trips. With 300 miles to go until she reaches the border, our correspondent finds the trail isn't getting any easier. Next, it rounds the base of mammoth Mount Adams (elev. The Pacific Crest Trail is a national park that runs parallel to the West Coast of North America. 95. The trail begins at the U.S./Mexico border near Campo, California, and winds its way through California, Oregon, and Washington to its northern terminus at the U.S./Canada border near Manning Park in British Columbia, Canada. Pacific Crest Trail (map) Crossing California, Oregon, and culminating in Washington, the Pacific Crest Trail (often shortened to PCT) stretches from Mexico to Canada, roughly following the high mountain ridges of the three westernmost states. Hikers can opt for a developed campground and make roundtrip walks on the trail or head out for a long-distance trek through … 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 14,494') to join the PCT. The following agencies manage the land that the PCT crosses in the region. 7,126′) is the highest and is located only eight miles before the Canadian border. This precipitation has produced about 750 perennial snowfields and small glaciers, which collectively account for about half the snowfield area in the lower 48 states. Extending all the way from Canada to Mexico, with National Scenic Trail status, the spectacular Pacific Crest Trail is one of this country’s great long-distance wilderness trails. Not only is the North Cascades Range rugged, it is the wettest along the route, lying in a storm track most of the year. The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,653 mi (4,270 km) long and ranges in elevation from just above sea level at the Oregon–Washington border to 13,153 feet (4,009 m) at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada. About the Pacific Crest Trail: The Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is the longest completed trail in the world at 2,650 miles. The Washington section of the trail has several high passes and ridges. Our PCT correspondent goes up Forester Pass—and takes the easy way down. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) travels 2,650 mi (4,260 km) along the west coast of the United States, from Mexico to Canada.It passes through California, Oregon, and Washington State.The PCT is one of the original National Scenic Trails established by Congress in the 1968 National Trails System Act. 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Between White Pass and Highway 410 at Chinook Pass, the trail skirts many lakes as it approaches the towering monarch of the Cascades, Mount Rainier (elev. A number of Alaskan and Canadian plants, including Alaska cedar and grand fir, are found in Washington. Our friend, Kelly Weintraub (@eowynhikes), breaks down her personal favorite sections, hikes and places from her PCT thru-hike. It takes anywhere from four to six months of hiking, week by week, from one national park and wilderness area to the next. 12,276′). È lungo 4286 km, attraversa tre Stati (California, Oregon, Washington), 25 foreste e 7 parchi nazionali tra cui il famos… "There are great off-trail routes from basecamps on the trail.". NOTE: all the mileage, elevations, and routes described here are taken from the 2015 versions of Halfmile's PCT Maps. It is largely located. Even though Washington and Oregon aren't nearly as long as California, the Washington section of the PCT still covers a whopping 487 miles of ground! Pacific Crest Trail: Mexico to Canada. The Pacific Crest Trail (often shortened to PCT) stretches from Mexico to Canada, tracing the high mountain ridges of California, Oregon and Washington. Due to the south-to-north trend of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington seldom gets the praise it’s due as hikers hurry to get through before the winter storms. È il Pacific Crest Trail, il Sentiero delle Creste del Pacifico, concepito nel 1932 da Clinton Churchill Clarke e riconosciuto come National Scenic Trail, ovvero “sentiero panoramico nazionale” nel 1968. The North Cascades offer many challenges. 1:1,700,000. Check out the trail on seamless topo maps, aerial photos, or fly over the terrain by clicking on the Google Earth link. The Washington Section is dominated by towering trees and rugged mountains: the North Cascades. 180′), on the Columbia River and ends at Monument 78 on the Canadian border (elev. Cascade Crest Trail from Mapcarta, the free map. 4.7 out of 5 stars 18. Waterproof and tear-resistant, they include information on water sources, resupply … The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), officially designated as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, is 2,653 mi (4,270 km) long and is aligned with the highest portion of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.